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The cyno-sanitary sheet is a sheet respitting the list of the vaccines of your dog with their dates of validity. It contains all the information that event organizers need. It must be signed by your veterinarian to ensure the validity of the information it contains.

On the day of the events you must imperatively give a double to the organizers who will keep it.
To always have an updated record, the simplest is to make a new one at the same time that you update your vaccines with the veterinarian.

  • For events that are on canicompet, putting your document online at registration will save you from having to provide a copy on the day of the event.

  • Attention: The day of the events you must still have on you the passport of your dog. It will not be asked when you withdraw your bib but it can be asked throughout the event in case of need.

The FFST and the FSLC each propose its document template, both are valid, so you can use whatever you want.